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TARTE SHAPE TAPE | The best concealer to ever exist?

When this magic in a bottle concealer hit the shelves & online stores at ULTA, it was almost impossible to get it in your cart before it sold out, then you would have to wait for restocks. Now it's a little easier to find it, when you hit the website or your nearest ULTA on the correct days.

So what about this concealer makes it SO WORTH IT? I'll admit, spending $25.00 on a 0.33oz product makes me stop and question my first world problems every time I add my shade(s) to my cart, but when I say that I am 1,000% dedicated to this concealer...I am DEDICATED. Tarte Cosmetics may as well stamp "Tara's Shade" on the bottom of 'Light Medium Honey' because I buy it time and time again.

There's just something about it: first off, the packaging is too cute. I swear makeup companies are on it with adorable packaging, sometimes I find myself questioning buying something because of how cute it will look displayed on my vanity rather than if it is actually a decent product and about 98% percent of the time I can talk myself out of doing that, but dang it that 2% needs to get it together. Then, you've got the applicator *cue the Hallelujah Chorus* The applicator is an extra large doe-foot applicator that easily glides/stamps (however you apply your concealer) onto the skin. Which leads me to my next reason to love this product, the consistency of the concealer is OUT OF THIS WORLD. Which makes the $25.00 decision an easy one. My under eye area literally needs 4 dots...4 DOTS and I can blend it to my next door neighbors house. (I made the mistake of applying my routined amount from every other concealer I've ever purchased & I literally could've blended down to my belly button in concealer.) So, when I say use a light hand and less is more...I mean it. It is powdered with Amazonian Clay (a Tarte Cosmetics MUST), conditioning mango seed & shea butters, which makes sense as to why it blends out like a DREAM. It also is the only concealer I have ever owned ( and trust me, I've owned a ton) that doesn't crease on me. I don't even wear a liquid foundation, so this is my coverage product where coverage is needed and everyone always asks me "what foundation are you wearing???"

Overall, I'm on my fourth tube of this concealer. It's worth every penny and worth every praise it has been given. You can find it only online at or in your nearby ULTA Store. If you've never given it a try, definitely do so. I promise, it's worth it. Oh, and you can't forget that Tarte is cruelty free, gluten free & vegan.

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