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The Ultimate Rose Gold Pigment | MAC COSMETICS ROSE PIGMENT

I first laid my eyes on this beauty in 2016 at my local MAC Counter. I was on the hunt for a new MAC fix+ and a few Bridal products to add to my Professional Kit. I found my way to the pigments and was turning the display and then I stopped in my tracks and my mouth dropped. I don't think I have ever seen a pigment that is so beautiful. I knew that I needed to add it to my personal collection. Looking at it now, makes me want to run and do my makeup! In fact, I'm going to add another image in this post of me wearing it, that way you can feel how I felt the moment I saw it. Here it is: this look was created using MAC Rose Pigment on the lids and using Anastasia Beverly Hills' Modern Renaissance Palette...which will have to be talked about in a completely different Blog post because it is one my FAV eye shadow palettes of all time. Retailing for $22.00 + 0.15oz it's definitely worth the price point because you will never run out of this pigment. I've had it for over a year and scooped out two sample jars for friends and have used it on myself at least 15 times, and I am not even half way through the jar yet. Applying it, I use a flat brush & spray it with Mac Fix+ because I love giving my shadows that extra metallic finish on my lids, and I dunk it in the jar ONCE (not even completely, more like half) for each eye and that is plenty enough. It's just stunning. Every time I wear it out, I get asked what I am wearing, it never fails. It is one of those shades that will flatter every skin tone; from my pale snow white beauties to my beautiful melanin goddesses, this is a pigment you NEED in your life! The longevity of it is fantastic, it won't budge & as soon as you'll get it...don't worry you'll have a completely covered rose gold pigmented arm (I know from personal experience.) Let me know if you pick up this gorgeous beauty & definitely post them to Instagram and tag @glow_beautystudio because I would love to repost them!

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