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wait...Youtube MUA's aren't REAL MUA's? | What Youtube taught me.

Every makeup junkies addiction is Youtube. Whether the openly admit it or not, just about every person that loves makeup watches on average 2-32 makeup-related videos in order to fall asleep every night. I'm guilty as charged. There's just something about the way an eye shadow blends that helps comfort me into a deep, beautiful, makeup-filled sleep. Some people dream of money, others dream of world peace, makeup artists dream I started reeeeeally watching Youtube videos in 2013. I was in college, living off of the not so cute makeup trends that I hadn't gotten over since the 9th grade. I heard about this little (or so I thought) community on Youtube that "helped with makeup advice" so, I did what any other college girl would do and looked up "how to do a smoky eye" instead of writing down what my college algebra homework was that day. Whose video pops up? A girl named Jaclyn Hill.

I had always liked makeup, I liked the idea, the theatrics (I mean, I was in college to be on a stage for the rest of my life.) But, I never really knew all the tricks of the trade when it came to applying it. I just thought "oh, it's something you gotta go to school for" or "something you gotta spend time on." Nothing can describe the feeling I got when I watched that Jaclyn Hill video of her sitting in her apartment kitchen, drinking wine and showing the camera how to do the most perfect smoky-cat-eye that I have ever seen. (still to this day, that video gives me life and her success is absolutely incredible.) People have their own thoughts about Youtubers not being "real artists" when truth be told, I'm someone who really learned from Youtube. After Jaclyn, I met Nicole Guerriero (not really met her, but subscribed so we're like virtually friends, okay?) Then I met Amanda Ensing, Then Casey Holmes, then RawBeautyKristi, then MannyMUA, Kathleenlights, NikkieTutorials, the subscription list continues...each of these beautiful people I have learned something from. Each and every one of these talented artists helped make my decision TO GO to school and get familiarized with brands, how colors mix, ingredients and techniques. Regardless of if they went to school themselves, they helped me find my path; which is something I would love to tell them all one day. Nothing irritates me more than listening to someone say that another person isn't as talented or successful because they chose to go to school or not go to school. The art industry is something fierce. We all have different minds, different interests, different ideas so I don't really understand why there just has to be one way of going about being artistic. I learned how to do a smoky eye from Jaclyn Hill, I learned that tape can be your best friend when trying to get your eyeliner just right from Casey Holmes, I learned, I learned, I learned. I also learned in school what colors look best together and how you should contour a face based on your client's face shape, I learned, I learned, I learned. Do you see my pattern here?

Without stumbling into the Youtube world, I may have not developed a passion for makeup. I may have not ever cared about going into Esthetics, and I may never have found a fire-burning passion for making people feel beautiful...But I did. I am writing this in hopes to inspire someone, just like the few Youtube sensations I mentioned above did to me. It doesn't even have to be makeup related inspiration, just life in general. If you're struggling with a decision, just go for it. These artists just turned on their camera one day and started talking about lipstick and I thank them all for that. For putting their life on display, for showing me that you can do anything you set your mind to, for showing me to always chase your dreams no matter what people think or say about you because at the end of the day, as long as you are happy and doing what you one else's opinion matters. Sure, I watched them and still went to school, but that doesn't mean that I worked harder than they did or that I am better than they are. We are equal. We all come together for something that we can all stand by, beauty.

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